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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

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I am a healer, spiritual teacher, light worker, witch, social activist, and artist
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Healing with Ten nebula

Ten Nebula (The Trillionairess) is a Goddess Priestess, Reiki Master, Oracle, Channeler, Shamaness and Psychic healer. She creates works dedicated to The Great Mother Goddess and the light & love vibrations.

Ten Nebula Healing Space offers phone sessions, treatments, workshops, and trainings to help you to grow, heal, clear, expand and be happier. We also offer monthly specials, so check out our online calendar. We offer healng work to local and nationwide clients.

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Light runs tings - Quote by Ten nebula

Illusions may scream loudly but they are still illusions.
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How May We Help You?

This site can help you to:

1. learn about the mayan prophecy
2. learn ways to prepare for winter solstice 2012
3. learn how to bring more harmony into your daily life now
4. learn how to use the energy & light comming to the planet for your good

Aspects of a Healthy, Balanced Life

In order to have rich and balanced lives, we must intend on living rich and balanced lives. It is a process and we must be willing to do the proper work. That work may consist of having clear intentions, following your intuition, letting go when needed, using nonattachment and taking the right action. We all have different kinds of lives but we all want to be happy and we all want to heal.

1. Spiritual Care
2. Home
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Personal Time
6. Money & Abundance
7. Higher Learning & Education
8. Romantic Relationships
9. Travel
10. Work & Career
11. Karma Yoga/Volunteering work/Tithing

12. Physical Body care

To learn more ways to live more balanced,


2012 is the year when the great change for humanity is suppose to occur
It is the year when the earth can spiritually ascend
In order for this to happen, there needs to be 144,000 people on the planet
who are willing to do the work and spiritually ascend

What is "Spiritual Ascension"?

Spiritual ascension is the state where your physical body is so full of light that it becomes spirit and no longer dense matter.

To learn more about this topic, visit

Light on The Planet

During this time,
there is a lot of light hitting the planet.
It comes from the sun.
It is coming from other parts of the galaxy
to help earth and her inhabitants to release fear and shadow.
This is a great time to heal and clear yourself, hold light, and give light back to the whole.

To learn more about light,

The Age of Pisces

The Age of pisces is what we are living in now
It is a time of spiritual awakening
a time for new lighter ideas to unfold
and a time for hidden shadows to surface

It is also a clean-up karma period that will take place before the Age of aquarius
Everything that is done in this era will have to be balanced out before the new one can begin

The Age of Aquarius, The Golden Age

The Age of Aquarius is the time when the new shift in humanity is suppose to begin
It starts winter solstice 2012
It is a great time of human spiritual transformation and development.

To learn more visit our sister site,

The Mayan Calender & The Age of Aquarius -

Mayan Calender

The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar has a 5,125-year-long cycle
and its end date is December 21,  2012

New Age of Light

A New Age interpretation of this transition is that this date marks the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 2012 may mark the beginning of a new era.

The Signs

There are many signs that a great shift is taking place on the planet

- lots of more energy on the planet
- more light on the planet
- global warming
- increase amounts of natural destruction (i.e. earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, etc)
- increase in spiritual information, therapies, centers, etc.
- increase in psychic abililities
- more people leaving the planet in huge numbers
- karma has speed up and returns more quickly

The Number 12

The number 12 has many meanings

- completion
- cosmic completion
- universal completion
- perfection
- completion of cycles

Healing Ourselves & Human Mutation

Human mutation is an important step during this wonderful time on the planet.
We have to be willing to change our minds, spirits, and physical bodies in order to hold more light.
The light will change our blood, DNA strand, and other body functions.

As we change our beliefs, our bodies and all aspects of our lives will change.
We will become more flexible and present.
We will be more avaiable to new ways of being. 

The Galactic Center

The galactic sun center is a very powerful place and being.
She is the womb of the Goddess in our galaxy.
During this time on the planet,
we are receiving more light from the galactic center via our sun.
This extra energy is helping our transformation.

Collective Agreements

We have all agreed to be on the planet at this time.
We are all here to heal ourselves.
Some people may be more active in their awakening than others.
Some people may choose to stay in the lower darkness
and others will choose to live in the light of their souls.
There are no victims and no victimhood.
We all create our realities and we can choose how we want to live our lives.

Multi-Dimensional Living

There are many dimensions on earth
We live on one of them.
Dreamtime is another level.
During this great time on the planet,
there will be a blending of the various dimensions
and the veils will get thinner.
We will be able to communicate and interact with more beings who live in other planes.

Language of Light

The language of light is the way in which the divine communicates with us. While you heal, you may experience lots of information be given to you in various forms.
It is not always with speech.
It can be with color, sound, or feelings.
It is important to make the intention to be aware of this communication.

The Harmonic Convergence of 1987

The period in history known as Harmonic Convergence was defined by Jose Arguelles as:  “the point at which the counter-spin of history finally comes to a momentary halt, and the still imperceptible spin of post-history commences.”  It was the fulfillment of the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, known as the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells.  The prophecy stated that following the ninth hell, humanity would know and experience an unprecedented New Age of Peace.  The Hell cycle ended on August 16, 1987; the Harmonic Convergence began on August 17.  Thus began the projected twenty-five year culmination of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of History, as well as the 26,000-year cycle of evolution, both slated to end in 2012.

The Harmonic Convergence was an announcement of the forthcoming end of time as we know it and a preparation to move from third-dimensional reality of space into fourth-dimensional reality of time.  Contrary to popular belief, it is time rather than gravity that keeps everything in the universe in order.  Time is the mathematics of the universal laws of nature, the unifying force that holds everything together.  The Mayans knew this, basing the Mayan calendar on the universal mathematics of the fourth dimension.  The frequency of time is the 13:20 ratio on which the Mayan calendar is based.  Humanity is now in the process of changing the old 12:60 (twelve months in a year, 60 minutes in an hour) timing frequency to the timing of natural law, thus taking us out of time as we know it and into fourth dimensional awareness.  When we have accomplished this transformation, we will enter a new path of spiritual and mental evolution in tune with the cycles of the universe.  Some call this “Heaven on Earth.” 

(Info from 

Clearing Away the Fear Frequency

The way we live now is filled with fear.
Our televisions are filled with fear-based news and negativity.
We focus on just getting by and not on our spiritual well-being.
We overpopulate the planet
and hardly give anything back to Lady Gaia.
This lower way of being ceases with the new age
and only those that work with the light will remain on the planet.

To learn more about the ego, visit "Knowing your Ego, Fears, & Shadows" -

Greater Freedom

With all this light coming to the planet,
it is all about more freedom.
The more light you hold, the...

- healthier you will be
- smarter you will become
- more spiritual support you will receive from the divine
- clearer your auric space will be
- clearer your nervous system will be (which detremines how you respond to situations)
- less you are affected by lower vibartional energies and people
- more you can give to others

Preparing for Winter Solstice 2012

There are numerous ways to prepare for 2012:

1. get alternative medicine & therapies often
2. cultivate a daily spiritual practice
3. read books that are light and spirit-based that are aligned with your hearts truth
4. make the intention to live from a place of authenticity
5. use active prayerwork

If you have not been working on yourself and it is after 2012,
and you are interested in clearing old lower energies from the years before 2012
you can always do that shamanically (there is no time and space).  

Knowing Your Part of The Divine Plan

You have to heal in order to learn who you are in the divine plan of light.  Yes, there is a divine plan of light and everyone has their part to play. Be willing to face your demons. Be willing to stand in your truth and be brilliant. Shine your light. Allow the divine to support you. This is a great time to be on the planet and you can make a huge contribution to the whole by healing yourself and clearing your ego/fears/shadows.

Stay on your path of light!!!!!!
We are getting closer to winter solstice 2012.

Blessings and love to all beings of the planet Earth!!!!!!

Learn more, visit "Do What You Love For Your Livelihood" -

Becoming a Better Human Being

1. Use active prayer & clear intention to create your reality
2. Drink lots of water
3. Create a daily spiritual practice
4. Get daily exercise
5. Get monthly healing arts treatments/Alternative Medicine
6. Create an altar in your home and work space
7. Get clear about your dreamtime
8. Study the universal laws
9. Be pro-active in your shadow work (dealing with your ego)
10. Strive to become more of your authentic self
11. Spend 1-hour out in nature everyday
12. Get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours) every night
13. Eat well. Eat foods that are healthy and whole.
14. Give to others on the monthly basis (i.e. donate, volunteer, karma yoga)

Additional Resources - Learn more ways to heal yourself by visiting

Recommended Books & Resources

2012 and Beyond books
The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology by Jose Arguelles

Tools for Light Beings & Light Workers
Earth by Barbara Marciniak
The Pleiadian Workbook by Amorah Quan Yin

The Reiki Apprentice by Tuesday May Thomas
Spiritual Growth by Sonaya Roman
The Mayan Oracle By Spilsbury & Bryner

Spiritual Books for Healing
Hands of Light By Barbara Brennan
You Can Heal your life By Louise May
The Amazing Power of Delibrate Intent by Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts
The Power of Now by Erkhart Tolle
Change your mind and your life will follow by Karen Casey
Be Yourself by Mike Robbins
How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger

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